Welcome and Greetings to my Ontario Page. This is the biggest link provincial page and lots to offer. Lots of busy Wiccan/Pagan in Ontario. :) Please check out my other Provincial pages and tell me what you think on my main page. If you know of any other Canadian Wiccan/Pagan pages that could be linked please e-mail me at: scow@lynx.bc.ca Thanks Bright Blessings and Hugs Alexandra

Ontario Wiccan/Pagan Links

Moira Scott's Witchraft Page: Toronto - What is Witchcraft? Links, Solitary info
Wiccan Church of Canada: Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance:
Runesmith: Toronto - Rune Sites, Rune Font Sites, Celtic History & Culture, Asatru Pagan/Wiccan Sites, Commercial/Resource Genealogy Sites, etc...
Richards Home Page: Ottawa - Not only Wiccan/Pagan Links (check bottom of page), Metaphysical Education, Nature's Bookmarks, Native Links in Canada, Curiosity Shop, Canadian Gov't, etc
Mark of Carnac's Webspace: North Bay - Spirtuality, Paganism, Links, etc
Realm of Mysticism: Windsor - BOS, Links, Rede, Rune's, Self-Dedication, Tradition, Summerland, etc
Odyssian Tradition : Toronto - Wicca Links
Drui-iens Wiccan Resource Page: Toronto - Correspondence Chart, Altar Setup, Astroology and more info to come
Cleome's Wicca Page: Toronto - Intro to Wicca, Web Rings, Historym, Organizations, Charms, Rituals, Herbs, etc
Veshkas Wiccan Page: Sudbury - Charge of the Goddess, Reading List, Publications, Native American Links, etc
Lady Naidra's Page: Scarborough - Herbs, Recipe's, Rituals, Runes, Sabbats, Salem Witch trials, etc
Lady Aurora Page: Belleville - Wiccan/Paganism, the Outrage Page, Poetry, etc
Ontario Society of Wiccans Against Religious Discrimination Page: Favourite Links, Pagan Kitchen, Suppliers, Magick, Rede, etc
Pagan Awareness League: Ontario Chapter
Pagan Federation/Federation paienne Canada: Ottawa - Intro, Finding Pagans, Search Canadian Pagan Contacts, Archives, etc.
The Wiccan Grove: Toronto - Pagan/Wiccan Path, BOS, Grove's Open Book
Silverill's Wiccan Page: Waterloo - Essays, Wiccan/Pagan Organization, Personal Pages, BOS, etc
Lady Marion's Wiccan/Pagan Page: Orleans - Links, Ottawa Pagan info, history, Celtic, Library,etc
A Witch's Cauldron: Toronto - Magick, Get Involvd, Networking, Remedies & Tips, Links, etc
Auramooth's Wiccan Page: Kincardine - Practically everything on Wicca/Witchcraft
The Circle: Toronto - A gathering & sharing of info, ideas & experiences
The Wiccan Grove: Toronto - Links, Grove's Open Book (BOS), Wican Week, Tradition, Wheel of the year, etc
Paganism, Spirtuality & Atheism: Ottawa - Links and his other page
New Age Canada: Oakville - Source for Metaphysical, Books, Holistic Healing, Celtic, Oracles (Tarot, Runes, Orgham), Wiccan & Organic Alternatives
The Omega Centre: Toronto - New Age bookstore from audio, tapes to CD's, incense to essential oils, & crystal to tarot cards.
Kerowyn's Haven:
The Isle of Magick: Thunder Bay - About twilight, Crossroads
Agaric's Pad: Windsor - Links, Charges, Witches Web, Religious & Sacred texts, etc
Karen's Page: Feminist Resources, Pagan/Wiccan Links, Alternate Sexual links, etc
Cara's Wicca Page: Altar, Library, etc
Jason Rooney Homepage: Toronto - Links to Wicca Sites but this page is still under construction.
Krystyl's Pagan Page: Hamilton - FAQ, Links, Info Packs, Links, Holiday Links, Ritual Links, other Wiccan/Pagan links
Where the Wild Things Are: Toronto - Wiccan Priestess, GLBT issues, Wiccan & Neo-paganism, etc
The Sanctum of Cathbad: Guelph - Druidism, Ethics of Druidism, the ways of Druids, etc
Zechariah's Wicca Web Page: Cobourg - BOS, About Wicca, About Me, Awards, News, Links, Webrings, etc
Candlelight and Velvet: Peterborough - not moved in yet
Blackbriar and Blood: Smithfalls - Morg's view on Wicca, Morg's views on the Goth lifestyle, Morg's view on being a vampire, etc
The Ancient Mystic Order of Wicca: Oshawa - Medeazotharian Wicca, own a Oshawa store called the Wiccan Way.
Sue's Page: Sue's Musing and Nes, Technologies Difficulties, etc.
Dione1's Lair: Ottawa - WCC homepage, boyfriend's page, links , etc
Deniart systems: Toronto - symbol font including Egyptian hieroglypies, astrology, alchemy symbols, Aztec & Maya glyps, magic and divination symbols.
Caer Lloer Dyn Products: Hamilton - ritual tools, occult supplies and Craft items, Talismans, wands, scrying mirrors, BOS, athames and more.
Wiccan - A beginner's Guide:
The Wiccan Directions: Links, Forum
The Grotto: Toronto - A meeting place for Witches & Pagans
The Purple Pentacle: Toronto Wiccan Supply Store - Online Store
The Wicca Pages of Morgan: Belleville - Wicca, Links
Melentha's Haven: Pickering - Wiccan terms, tools, spellcraft, BOS, etc.
The Barry Thor Whitney's Ancient Icelanic Viking Asatru Religious Page:
Earth Circle: Peterborough - Dedicated to providing Priestess & Priests of the Old Relgion with wisdom, info, ideas & loving support.
Southern Ontario Pagan Network:
Tala's Wiccan Page: Port Hope - BOS, Rituals, Wiccan Beliefs, and much more
Sacred Serpent E-zine: Toronto - Lithuanian Indigeous Religion & Baltic traditions
Iron Crosses: Toronto - History of Lithuanian Paganism

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