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Canadian Webweaving Page

Welcome to my Webweaving Page. There is only a few links here but I'm always searching for more. I'm also going to start working on my own contact page for Wiccans/Pagans in their area to contact each other. This is a greatly needed resource that I would like to work on.

First of all, I'll put my own contact information on me:


Area - Vancouver, BC

Information about me - I'm sorda new to Wicca/Paganism, for the last year I've been studying and hoping to dedicate myself to the Goddess, the God and the All in the new year. I would like to meet others in my area and network. Thanks, BB & Hugs Alexandra


E-mail: Samia

Area - Oshawa, Ontario

Information about me - Want to meet fellow Wiccan's in my area, so I can start on the Wiccan path once again. Started learning about Wiccan in my early 20's but had to give it up for awhile, but want ot come home again. I am female in my late 30's

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