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Welcome and Greetings to my Quebec Page. Not to many links yet, but hoping to find some more soon. If you know of any Quebec or any other Canadian Wiccan/Pagan Sites, please e-mail me at:
Montreal - Pan & Pecti Wita, links, Charge of the Goddess & God, Pentagram, Beliefs, etc
Unofficial Montreal Pagan Page
Current upcoming events, Local, nation & international links
Concordia University Pagan Society
Montreal - CUPS activities. Tidings (monthly info sheet), Bulletin Board
Ylith's Pagan Page
Quebec - List of Chatrooms, Paganism, Wicca & Magic is discussed
Carrie White's Grimoire
spells, color meanings, stones & crystals, herbs, Moon & rituals, For beginners, My chat room, Chants & invocations, etc
Suburban Witchcraft and Urban Shadows
Montreal - Magick Grimoire, BOS< spellcasting Directions, and much much more
Midnight Magik
Montreal - Reference Materials, and other Links
Radical Usurper's Inner Sanctum
Montreal - Alternative/Gothic Pagan Rock Group
Magical Circle
Montreal- Magic, Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft
Rosmere - We came together to explore Paganism
Chiandara's Grove
Montreal - Do's & Don't of Witches, Definitions, Basic Philosophy, etc

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