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RAY - one of seven channels through which all being in the solar system flows. (Theosophy)
	I - well, power		V - scientific understanding		
	II  - love, wisdom		VI - devotion	
	III - intelligence		VII - ceremonial order	
	IV - art, harmony, beauty	(NAD)

RE - (Ra) Egyptian Sun God (NAD)

REBIRTHING - process of releasing repressed attitudes and emotions gained by deep breathing techniques and a reenactment of the birth process. (Elizabeth Lehr) (NAD)

RECIEVER - 1. Person receiving energy in palm healing.  2. channel in ceremonial magic. (NAD)

RE-ENTRY - return to ordinary consciousness after a psychedelic experience. (NAD)

REFLEXOLOGY - a healing system based in the manipulation of reflex points on the feet or toes. (NAD)

REGRESSION - 1. a backward chronological movement of behavior patterns from mature to less mature (e.g. infantile behavior) (Freud) 2. a condition brought about by energetic forces of archetypes attempting unsuccessfully to find expression in conscious symbols. (Jung) 3. re-experiencing past events including emotions, behavior and general state of mind. (NAD)

REGRESSION THERAPY - past life research and therapy. (NAD)

REINCARNATION- one has lived another lifetime. (TRASB)
	- rebirth in various bodies from one lifetime to the next. (NAD)
	- a basic tenet of Paganism, the belief that the souls of human beings return to the earth plane in another human body or even in another life form, after death.  Celtic Paganism embraces portions of this belief, only without the ideas of karma (divine justice) operating in most other cultures. (CMM)

RELIGION (from religare, to bind book, Latin) 1. way or ways that people orient themselves in the world with reference to both ordinary and extraordinary powers, meaning and values. (Catherine Albanese) 2. institution whose function is to protect us from an experience of God. (Jung) (NAD)

REMOTE VIEWING - clairvoyance perception of a distant location. (NAD)

REPRODUCTIVE TRINITY- Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius. (NAD)

RIGHT BRAINED  - adj. creative, intuitive, mystical. (NAD)

RIGHT-HAND PATH - journey to wisdom based on faith, light and avoidance of sensual pleasures; the perfection’s. (NAD)

RIGHT-HANDED SPIRAL - counterclockwise spiral. (NAD)

RIGHT-HEMISPHERE - brain region associated with creative, artistic consciousness, as opposed to the left-hemisphere associated with rational, analytical  consciousness. (NAD)

RISING SIGN - ascended; sign or the Easter horizon at the time of birth signifying the personality as viewed by others. (NAD)

RITUAL - focused mental or physical ceremony to honor or thank one’s chosen pantheon or to perform magickal working or act. (TRASB)
	- Ceremony to restore balance with nature and the world and bring back lost harmony and sacredness.  Periodic, repetitive behavior to create, recreate, enforce, reinforce certain tendencies and potentialities in the bio-psyche. (Gary Snyder) (NAD)
	- a systematic, formal or informal, prescribed set of rites whose purpose is to imprint a lasting change on the life and psyche of the participant. (CMM)

RITUAL TOOLS - a general name for magickal or ritual tools used by a witch or magician, also called by their Kabbalistic name, Elemental Weapons. (CMM)

ROLFING - a stringent muscular realignment therapy used mainly for back and neck problems developed by Ida Rolf; structural integration v. Rolf to give a Rolfing session. (NAD)

ROLL-IN - way of re-entering the body after an astral projection (Robert Munroe) (NAD)

ROLL-OUT - turning over and over to leave the body in an astral projection. (Robert Munroe) (NAD)

RONGO - Maori God of Agriculture and Peace. (NAD)

ROOT CHAKRA- lowest energy center; sexual center. (NAD)
RUNE- 1. letter in the old Scandinavian script. 2. divinatory system utilizing rune stones inscribed with a letter from the viking alphabet adj. runcic. (NAD)

RUNES- set of symbols, used both in divination and magickal workings. Several different types of origins of Runes.  e.g. Norse, Scandinavian and Germanic Runes.  An integral part of a magickal system with its own pantheon.  Function as an alphabet and useful in vision question, dream recall and controlling your environment. (TRASB)

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