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Alexandra's Dedication Page


DATE: February 1st, 1998 - Candlemas/Imbolc

TIME: 11:03 p.m.: *Sextile (60 degrees) - this aspect encourages communication, that is, exchange of understanding, between two planets.  However, the interaction is generally not patent enough to contribute significantly to the work of either planet.
	Pallas - symbolized our creative intelligence.  She represents our intuition, flashes of genius, keen insights and our ability to formulate new and original thought, also represent our abilities to plan strategies that lead us to tangible results.  She signifies artistic ability that comes from clear sight and the ability to understand whole patterns, she has the ability to draw the creative artist from within and to give it form.  Pallas also governs healing and the holistic approach to healing therapies.  Her primary role in healing is that of balancing the total psyche.  Pallas needs to create new forms and structure; in Air signs (Gemini, Libra/Aquarius)

MOON PHASE: Moon in Aries and a time of enthusiasms and beginnings.  Tendencies to impulsiveness and snap decisions are accentuated.  This is a favorable time for any kind of beginning and for making changes.  This is also a good time for work that requires skillful (though not necessarily patient) work with tools, particularly sharp cutting instruments.  The first part of the Moon’s transit through Aries, when it is closer to Pisces, is a more spirtual time; a sense of rebirth is evident and the mind is inclined to consider deeper subjects.  Nearer the middle of the transit, the strongest Aries tendencies are felt, which makes this and excellent time to seek inspiration need to be carefully watched especially as the Moon approaches.

ASTROLOGICAL CORRESPONDENCE: Aries - Element: Fire, Quality-Cardinal, Planet-Mars. Aries signifies new beginning, spring, youth, the untried and is connected with one - the first.  This sign is pioneering, exploring, air executive and leader.  Aries is self-disciplined, with a dislike of supervision or demination.  The Aries mentally is quick, direct, active and organized.  Originally, individuality and independence are all Aries qualities.  Aries never really grow old.  Sense of adventure, curiosity, enthusiasm and need for variety, keep you youthful.

PURPOSE: To dedicate myself to my chosen path of Wiccan and Paganism.  To dedicate myself to the Goddess Brigit and the God Cernunnos and the Power of All.  I’m casting the circle this night to perform the act of dedication of my mind, body and spirit to the Lady, Her Consort and to the religion and science of Witchcraft.

TOOLS:Athame/Wand		Two Illuminator Candles	
	Four elemental candles	one Red Candle
	one Silver Candle	one Gold Candle	
	Plate			Pentacle
	Cakes			Chalice
	Drink (Wine)		Bell
	One dedication gift (new pentacle)
	Four items to be placed on altar to represent 4 elements
	Rope to make magick circle
	Rope (optional)
	One mat or rug (to kneel on for meditation)

GUARDIANS: I will use the 5 elements, Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Spirit. e.g. Power of Air, may the coalescence about me as I journey Between the Worlds.

Air - Hot & Moist, Sky & Wind, Blue Fire - Hot & Dry, Flames & Sun, Red Water - Cold & Moist, Sea & Rivers, Blue-Green Earth - Cold & Dry, Earth, Mountains & Standing Stones, Brown
DEITIES: Brigit and Cernunnos

WHAT I WILL DO FOR MY DEDICATION CEREMONY The evening before I will take a hot bath and spend a few minutes meditating, opening my chakra centers.
OPENING THE CIRCLE Use a broom and sweep as I walk around the circle clockwise. Imaging the broom leaving a trail of positive energy and Blue light. Return to the Altar. Change the circle by using my Athame/Wand by drawing a circle of blue light. Call the Watchtowers Imaging and drawing a Brown pentagram by starting at the top of the pentagram down the left side and working it self down and around. “Powers of Air protect me as you move your hot & moist current around me and within me, as I dedicate myself.” Imaging and drawing a blue pentagram by starting at the top right hand point of the pentagram and working it self around. “Power of Water, protect me as you move your Cod & Moist flowing form around me and within me, as I dedicate myself.” Imaging and drawing a Blue-Green pentagram by starting at the top left hand point of the pentagram and ring it self around. “Power of Fire, protect me as you move your Hot & Dry Heat and energy form around me and within me, as I dedicate myself.” Imaging and drawing a Red pentagram by starting at the top of the pentagram down the right side and working it self down and around. “Power of Earth, protect me as you move your Cold & Dry nourishment and comfort around me and within me, as I dedicate myself.” While saying these words, point with my Athame/Wand, move to the South, then West, then East and end at North. Visualize a blue circle surrounding the area, as I go around. Face the center of the circle and say: “I am between the worlds now and I’m here to dedicate myself to the chosen spirtual path. The Circle is cast and we are between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one.” Align myself and meld energy with that of the Goddess Brigit. Then say: “I _____________, align myself with Bridget and in this night and in the hour. I call upon the ancient powers of Bridget.” Read the Charge of the Goddess. “Hear my words and know me! I shall be called a million names by all who speak! I am Eternal Maiden! I am Great Mother! I am the Old One who holds the immortal key! I am shrouded in Mystery, but I am known to every soul!” “Hear my words and know me! Whenever the moon rises in the Heavens shall my children come to me. Better it be once a month when the moon is full, shall ye assemble in some secret place such as this and adore the spirit of I, I, who am the Queen of the Witches.” “And under my watchful eye, my children shall be taught the mysteries of Earth & Nature, of the way of all Magick! That which is unknown shall be known and that which is hidden, shall be revealed, even the secluded soul shall be pierced with my light. From my cauldron, shall be drunk all knowledge and immortality.” “Ye shall be free from slavery and ye shall dance, sing and feast. Music shall surround you, for mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and mine is also the joy of the Earth!” “I do not demand Sacrifice! For behold, I am the Mother of all living things!” “Create and Heal!” “Be strong, yet gentle.” “Be noble, yet reverent.” “Bring forth and replenish” “And, as does the cycle of the Moon ever begin to wax and wane and to grow forth again, as do the seasons from one to the next flow in smooth rhythm, from one to the next flow in smooth rhythm, from sowing to reaping to seeming death and rebirth... so will my children know their own pattern in both worlds!” “And ye shall say these words...” “I will love and harm none.” “I will live, love, die and live again.” “I will meet, remembers, know and embrace once more.” “For the free will of All. And with Harm to none. “As I will.” “It now is done.” “So mote it be!” Light a candle for Bridgit (Silver) & Cernunnos (Gold) Ring Bell once.... Statement of Purpose: “I____________ want to dedicate myself to this spirtual Path of Wicca and Witchcraft and other Pagan Paths. I dedicate myself to the Goddess Bridget and God Cernunnos and the Power of All. I will always follow the Rule of three and the Wiccan Laws. This is the life for me because this is the guidance which will become apart of me. I will come here in this circle to ask for your wisdom, you help and guidance and to honor both Brigit, Cernunnos and the Power of All.” “From this day forward, I will honor and respect both the Divine and myself. I will hold two perfect words in my hear: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.” Ring bell 3 times Meditate (Opening the Chakras) Pick up Wand/Athame & say: “I vow to hold the ideology of the Craft in my heart and in my heart and in my mind for the totality of this lifetime and beyond.” Point wand at feet and say: “Blessed be my feet, may they always walk the path of the eternal & Divine light.” Point wand to knees and say: “Blessed be my knees as I kneel at the altar of my faith, not in supplication but in thanksgiving.” Point want to groin and say: “Blessed be my womb that holds and produces the creation of the human essence. I vow to guide, protect and teach the children of the world.” Point want to chest and say: “Blessed be my heart that is may beat steady and true. May the warmth of my love spread throughout the galaxy.” Point wand to lips and say: “Blessed be my lips that they shall utter truth and purity of mind and soul. may wisdom flow for the benefit of all humankind.” Point wand to third eye area and say: “Blessed be my astral sight, that I may see through the veil of life with the truth of the Divine.” Ring Bell 7 times Take a white cord and wrap it firmly around my hand, with the knife handle in palm. Say: “I __________, in the presence of the universe, do of my own free will & mind, most solemnly swear that I will ever abide by the religion & science of the Craft. I shall neither harm my fellow human with the secrets that I learn, nor shall I flaunt my beliefs or power before them. Henceforth, form this day, I shall be reborn as __________ and shall honor, respect and cherish this oath I have taken.” Unwind cord and place on altar Ring bell 9 times Hold chalice in left hand and pour from decanter with your right. Dip dedication gift into goblet & place it on your body. Hold Chalice in both hands aloft and say: “With the partaking of this wine I take into my body that of the Goddess and seal my oath...forever.” Drink half of wine & hold the other half cup to the Goddess & God & Say: “Accept this wine as my offering off thanksgiving.” Hold up plate and say: “As grain is the bounty of the Goddess and the eating of it denotes the sacrifice of the Lord and his rebirth. I seal my oath forever as I take into my body that of the Consort!” Thank the Deities: “I ____________ wish to thank the Lord Cernunnos and Lady Bridget and the Power of all for presiding over this dedication ritual. May we together walk within the light forever. I thank you for being their always for me and especially during these special times.” Close Circle Holding the Wand/Athame above my head, circle room moving arm in counter clockwise motion and say: “This circle is closed, but never broken.” Envision the Circle open. Visualize the blue field of light disappearing. Prepare candles after for burial.

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