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Alexandra's Wiccan/Pagan Page:
Canadian Wiccan/Pagan Page:

What a Wicca/Witch isn’t

Cast evil spells and follows the devil/satan. I personally and many others do not even believe in the devil/satan and ultimate evil. It’s how most of society sees Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism etc. Not understood, misguided by others, hated, and misunderstood, because of lack of knowledge or false information.


CANADIAN DICTIONARY GAGE - “WICCA (‘wika) n. the belief in the power of the old pagan religion of northern Europe, whose followers are organized in groups called covens “ (Which is partially true but they forgot about us Solitary and numerous form of Wicca ) “(OE wicca wizard)” (I hadn’t heard those two words ever put together till now...) “WITCH (witf) n,v,-n 1. a person, especially a women who practices black magic.” (Not in my case and all of my Wiccan/witch friends would never be doing any black magick. And the ones that do, ummh, they sure would be asking for trouble, with it coming back to them 3 fold.) “Compare Warlock.” (I heard that no male witch would call themselves a Warlock, it is actually an insult.) “2.a a Wiccan priest or priestess.” (True, if you belong to a Coven ) “b. a devotee of Wicca.” (Depending on whose definition of Wicca) “3. Informal, a charming/fascinating girl, or women.” (Well, I always thought of myself that way but they forgot about the men who can be charming/fascinating also.) “4. Informal, a women of any age who is malicious or scheming “ (That could be true in any religion, its the individual that is malicious or scheming, not the religion.)

“WITCHCRAFT (witf,kraeft) n. 1. the practices and the cult of witches, the power or art of evoking supernatural forces or spirits to control or change the natural course of events, especially in order to work evil.” (This is a true, only if worded right, except for the evil part and the word cult. Plus you can not control or change the natural courses of events. You can ask for help from supernatural forces or spirits (it’s up to them if they would like to help) and you can work with the natural courses of events.) “2. an influence or fascination suggestion such power or art.” (This is true in things like energy power, personal power of wisdom and beliefs. The art of all that is around we can be influenced by how we make it out to be. The fascination of what occurs around us every day through the above.)


I was born in Lethbridge, Alberta on June 9, 1970. I moved to Vancouver, BC in 1992. I'm certainly a Gemini and have all the temperament that goes along with it. For most of my young life, I went with my mom to church every Sunday because I love my mom and it was our way of life. Through these times, I had many unanswered questions deep inside me. Lethbridge is in the center of a Bible Belt, mainly Catholic vs. Mormon. Which made my heart twinge at the recognition of Religious anger and hatred. This also contributed to an intolerant community. Things became extremely fascinating and displeasing on occasion.

I attended an all Catholic school and still have many friends that are still Catholic or Christian. Even at this point, I was unable to choose the Roman Catholic belief system, as my own. During this time in Lethbridge, I was also diagnosed with Diabetes (at the age of 6). I was also misdiagnosed with depression, then as having hypo-mania. The current diagnoses which I feel are closer to what I experience is Manic Depression (Bipolar II disorder) In the future these different areas in my life, I would like to make pages about.

Many years went by, of going through high school, College (Broadcast Journalism) and a life in Lethbridge (hanging out in bars, friends and work). I decided to move to Vancouver, BC, where I went to school once more, (Television Production). Much happened in Vancouver, which I will not mention here, but I will probably provide links here to pages on these topics in the future. At this point of my life, I am on Handicap Disability Pension in Canada, because of the above problems of Manic Depression and Diabetes.

My life is getting back on track, I have lots of friends, a good place to live and a social life. A year ago, I had a lot of unanswered spiritual questions and a big spiritual gap in my life, unfulfilled by my birth religion. I could not grasp the non-feminine part in the Roman Catholic church. Yes, there is the Holy Mary and Nuns but they are not equal in stature to the male figures.. Only one person has the leadership of the religion with the selected few of archbishops, bishops, and priests. Having the final say and guidance to the followers spiritual world in the church. Where individual diverse convictions were not recognized by the church. I also believe in reincarnation from a very young age, my own and other's sexuality (in distinction to heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, etc.) (Will have a Sexuality Page soon!) I believe in magickal things like Faeries, UFO, many other metaphysical and New Age ideas.

In June 1996, I decided to study about different Religions. I went to the library and picked up books about virtually everything on religion and spirituality. I picked up books on Buddhism, Religions of China/Japan, Christianity (and its many forms), Native American Earth Religions, New Age, and Paganism..

The book that answered majority of my questions was 'Drawing down the Moon by Margret Adler' and thats where it started. I picked up a few more books and then got an internet account in September 1996 and did most of my learning there. I will not suggest this till you learn the basics from books. because, you can get lost in the vast education on Wiccan, Paganism and other sites on the web. I'm back to reading books like Silver Ravenwolf's 'To Ride a Silver Broomstick' and finally getting ready to continue with this new way of life and understanding. I have dedicated myself to the Lady, Lord and the All on February 1st, on Imbolc. Now I'm searching for a teacher in the craft that will help me continue the path. I'm very much a Solitary Wiccan but I'm always keeping my options open.

What I want from my life as a Wiccan?

To be able to take care of myself, mentally and physically. So I can continue my life to help others, the earth and all its life forms. I want direction over my life. A better awareness about how the world works and my own spirituality. I will become healthier mentally and physically. To meet others that have the same spirituality and interests. To learn Old and New Ways of healing through herbs and meditation, energy, etc. To mentally travel out of my body. To make a difference in my life, other’s lives and all that are around me. To be able to visit the Faery World and travel to places that I can learn from, either on Earth or the Astral Plane..

At this point, I'm an Eclectic Solitary Wiccan in training, leaning toward the Celtic & Faery tradition. Respecting the healing & magickal qualities of plants & stones, flowers, trees, elemental spirits and the little people.

I'm slowly putting my altar together and its tools. I want to learn how to read Rune, to. slowly put my BOS (Book of Shadows) together with the help and wisdom of Wiccan and Pagan authors and Contacts. I’d like to learn more about meditation, Astral Projection, Telepathy, etc. I would mainly like to perform Rituals for celebration, healing, and insight.

I believe Wicca/Witchcraft is a science because there is exploration and learning to be completed in branches of science like medicine, healing, and psychology.. Wicca/Witchcraft is a religion because it has a belief system. You have faith in a higher power, either it being the Goddess, the God or the All. There is holidays of celebration, remembrance, and thanks like Samhain, Beltane and others. It has rules and regulations like most religions, the Rede and your own guidelines. You need both aspects of Religion and Science for Witchcraft/Wicca to work. To have a path to follow in belief or in some type of science structure to learn of. Religion and Science are almost one in the same. You need both for the other to work or to be understood.

My altar is my desk in my bedroom in which I want to start drawing designs and other things on it for adornment (if time permits). I'm looking for different colors of altar cloths at fabric stores and garage sales. I’m looking for the following: black, white, purple, blue & red. Plain brown/grey one’s for spills For illumination, I will use candles and other natural sources. I may even use Oil lamps for illumination & candles for specific rituals and spells. For the beginning I will use my lamp in my room with a cloth over it, so I won't get scared easily. I'm always looking for tools for my Altar. So far I have my athame (which I got for $2 at a dollar store). I'm making my own wand, which I'm always working on and planning to engrave with rune symbols. Don't know whether I'm going to use my Wand/Athame or both. I have a Bolline (a white handled knife) which I found at an Antique store. I found my Chalice at a second hand store, and still looking for a second one. Slowly I'm accumulating different colors of Candles (mainly black & white if I run out of other colors). Warning never buy the real cheap candles because they burn to fast and you are actually losing money. I'm always keeping my eyes open for specials on beeswax candles. and planning to make my own.

I'm still looking for an image or things to represent the Goddess & God. I might use candles if I can't find anything I'm drawn too. I will most likely make my own pentacle for my altar, either drawn or something made (always look for ideas). I'm also collecting different types of incense also. There is a lot more I need to get which will take some time and patience.

My definition of Witch/Witchcraft

- Is a male, female, wise one. someone that is Wiccan. Someone that is pagan. Someone that is neither, or they are both. A witch is someone that has skills in areas like healing, giving advice to others, who is capable of making spells, having respect for the Craft. Healing (herbs, energy, etc.), helping & discovering the earth and its energy. Seeing into the Future or the Past. To learn from all & to share with willing others, what I learn.

Witchcraft, I believe is separate from the word “witch." It is when an individual gets knowledge of the “Craft." It could be various things you and others can do. Either on an individual basis “Solitary” or a group “Coven”

Witchcraft definition from Celtic Myth & Magic by Edain McCoy is “All witches are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Witches. The term “witch” seems to have become a term exclusively reserved for practitioners of any of the Celtic or Anglo traditions, or less often, for the Teutonic paths (this later is probably because the Saxons & the Norse had such a great impact on Celtic Paganism). WICCA (WICK-AH, WEECH-AH, or WEEK-AH) -- has Anglo Saxon meaning “wise one," a term which comes to label the craft as it was practiced in England, Wales & the continental region, once known as Saxony.”

Silver Ravenwolf’s definition from To Ride a Silver Broomstick pg. 14 of Witch mean “mystery, healing, power, special, different, balance & history. It means knowledge, secrets, the earth & a bond with both the male & female side of myself.”

In my own words and how I feel about my individual beliefs I derived from Silver Ravenwolf’s ‘To Ride a Silver Broomstick’ pg. 6. They come from the Council of American Witches, combined with my interpretation, and the council’s Wiccan/Witchcraft beliefs.

I value all knowledge that I will learn from everyone, the earth, animals, and all that is around me.. To share my own insight with others that seek knowledge from me.

I will not welcome anyone or anything that will attempt to dissuade me from my beliefs, I am strong in my convictions. I have respect for others regardless of race, color, sex, age, national/cultural origins or sexual preference. I would of course, like to have people enter my life that acknowledges, support, identify with, and share my beliefs.

I will dedicate myself to follow and stand by my beliefs of Wicca because that is truly my essence.

I will practice the religion and spirituality of Wicca with the natural rhythms by the changes of the Moon and the seasonal & cross-quarters.

I have the responsibility towards Mother earth to take care of the environment. To live in harmony with Nature. To work with balance of life, for its continued evolving and growth.

I acknowledge that there is a higher power that I call the ‘All.' Because it is far greater in all areas than the ordinary. Within , around me and that is beneficial to the world, Universe and unknown. Through the ‘All,' there is polarity, the masculine & feminine, the Lord & Lady, the God & Goddess. Through the mutual sharing between them, the ‘All’ lives in each of us. Both are supportive of each other and are equal. That sexuality in pleasure, is a symbol of life and its energy that I will practice and celebrate in time with my spirituality.

I will recognize what is capable in this world and other Worlds (Spiritual & psychological), that all the different worlds interact with each other. Cause awakening’s like ESP, paranormal phenomena, magick and all the unexplained. We need all the Worlds and Planes to keep us in balance & this is necessary for what I believe in.

I do not believe there should be a higher person (absolute spiritual leadership) that rule over others. I honor those that will teach and guide me in a better understanding of what is around me. That has more knowledge and wisdom to share. I will respect those who are leader’s, who give and share with others but allow all to keep individuality intact.

I will live as a Wiccan in all aspects in my life, in wisdom, art, love, friendship, and work.. I will not call myself a Witch till I have practiced Wicca and follow my own spirituality. Where I will live wisely and well, with no Harm to others or myself within harmony of Nature. I want my life full of affirmations and complete myself with knowledge. Acceptance of spirituality and self, that give me a role in the world.

I will accept that other people have beliefs, philosophies and religions. Except when they deny freedom to others and when it suppresses others' beliefs and religion. If the religion claims to be the one true, only religion and by so doing arrogantly condescends all other beliefs

I do not believe in the Christian Satan, Devil or in an absolute evil. I would never seek power through the suffering of others or myself, nor will I use others to get personal power or benefits.

I will work with Nature to help others, nature itself and me, to our continued health and well-being.