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I hope you find these Canadian Sites interesting and helpful. Check out the other provinces also because there is a bunch of great links. I'm alway adding and looking for more Alberta/Canadian page, so if you know of any, not listed please notify me at: Check back so often because I try to update monthly. Thanks Bright Blessings & Hugs Alexandra

Alberta Wiccan/Pagan Links

Silver Raven Cat's Wiccan Page
Teenage Wiccan from Calgary
Dawn's Fire Page
Eclectic Wiccan Teen from Alberta - Links & Poetry
Covenant of Gaia Home Page
Calgary, Alberta - Registered Church of co-operating, autonomous Wicca congregation & Solitary practition based in Alberta
Alternate Realities in Art and Thought
Red Deer, Alberta - Pagan Art & Culture - A Wiccan, New Age, Occult Virtual Cultural Art Center
Witch Way
Calgary Alberta - Beliefs, Shadows, Days, Pentagrams, Witches, Weather, etc.
Magickal Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta - Links to Community Pages
The Ramblings of a Bohemian Vagabound
Olds - the Loft, poetry, the studio, art & beauty, the goth chamber, vampyres, bi-teen page, bi-female e-zine, the Spirtual realm, Wicca, Celtic & Pagan, etc
Pagan's Hammer Tattoo & Piercing Studio
Edmonton - About them, Tattooing & Piercing
Sympatico:The Inner Place
Pagan/Wiccan - Divination & Oracles, Spirit world, etc
Jamma's Backdoor Magick
Edmonton - The one, Reincarnation, 13 Goals, Law of Power, Nature of our way, Solitary Laws, Witch's Rede, Goddess, Deity, Initiation...
Margarian's Homepage
Calgary - Wiccan Files, Pagan/Wiccan Links, etc.
Keltic's Moon
Rocky Mountain House - Celtic High Priestess, Links
Witches Circle
Edmonton - Bio, Photos, literature-wicca, dedication.
Prairie's Moonlight Grove
Clairmont - This is Me, Sabbats & Esbats, Herbs & stone, Wicca Pages

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